Snap shots

One hour in studio only

Three beige notes


One and a half hours in studio only

Four beige notes


Two hours

Five beige notes


Three hours

Seven beige notes



Erotica films

Four hours split*

Eight beige notes and a red note


Four hours

Nine beige notes


Six hours**

Eleven beige notes


Eight hours split*

Twelve beige notes and a red note



Directors cut

Eight hour day**

Thirteen beige notes


Fifteen hours overnight**

Twenty-four beige notes


Twenty-four hours***

Twenty-nine beige notes


Two Days****

Forty-nine beige notes




Additional day

Nineteen beige notes


Group events

Three beige notes and a red note

One hour massage

One beige note and four green notes


Social hour

One beige note and two green notes


*Half social half private. Every four hours require refreshments.

**Fly me to you exclusively in Canada or the USA. Travel and lodging expenses apply. 50% deposit required. 

***Fly me to you including Eastern Asia or South America. Please allow five hours of uninterrupted sleep and three full meals every twenty-four hours.

****Fly me to you worldwide. Please allow three hours a day of personal alone time