Our first communication

should be clear and include your name, age, height, preferred duration, window of opportunity and any interests you feel I should know about prior to meeting. Introductions that are rude or overtly sexual in nature will not be responded to.

I reserve the right

to request a reference from another reputable provider (that you've seen in the last 6 months) if I feel that it is necessary.

Appreciate my time

as I consider yours. If you must cancel or reschedule give me as much notice as possible. Those who are over 15min late with no notification will be treated as a no-show and will not be allowed to book again.


At The Door

Arrive hygienic

with minty fresh breath and freshly showered. If that is not possible you are free to use my facilities before our scheduled session at no extra cost just inform me ahead of time.

Place donation in plain view

within the first few moments of meeting. Best presented pre-counted in an unsealed envelope or card.

Be on time

and let me know if you are running behind. If you are early please do not loiter, take a stroll around the block.

Amid time

Respect my boundaries

all donations are for my time and I require a safe and comfortable environment. I reserve the right to terminate our session without refund if said boundaries are compromised in any way.

Adhere to allotted duration

that you have booked. I do follow security measures with outside parties who I inform If you choose to extend our session.

Be polite

All I expect of my clients is that they treat me with respect and are polite, I do not discriminate against race, gender, disability or profession.



Verification information

may be destroyed at your request. I do not use the services of a booking agent or agency. I do promise that your communications are exclusively with myself

To learn more about me

do follow me on social media. I make note of who is always showing love and sharing which is always returned with more.